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Ultrasonic Wiper Slitting Machine


The Ultrasonic wiper slitting machine`s slitting technology includes put roll material and collect roll material two processes. The tension control of the put roll material and collect roll material is the key link of the slitting machine. This machine increased automatic across flats control system based on the original electric control system, to achieve the ideal effect, and improved the machine service behavior, the machine in high speed operation is more stable, rolling level off. Ultrasonic wiper slitting machine operation is simple and easy, safe and reliable, strong durability.

Features and Function

  1. Put scroll 3-inch flatulence scroll, the biggest put diameter can reach 600mm, equipped magnetic powder of rewinding tension controller and automatic across flats device.
  2. Collect scroll adopt 3-inch flatulence scroll and magnetic powder of rewinding tension controller rolling, slitting operation simple, the biggest collect diameter can reach 600mm; the rolling beautiful and tidy.
  3. The cutter can use import round cutter, 50mm-1600mm the cutter is adjustable.
  4. Adopt Taiwan ultrasonic steel mould and system, more stable performance.
  5. Principal axis and round cutter use stepless speed change system, can be used as high and low adjusting speed and positive and negative switching control; electron speed control system, control the machine speed by manual, convenient and easy; step adjust and control the cutting speed, so as to reach.
  6. Equipped with high precision rectification device system, so as to further assure the cutting precision.
  7. Ultrasonic slitting machine adopt Chinese an English operator interfaces, LED display screens, can direct input several kinds of cutting width and quantity set, and has manual operation/ automatic switching function, make the operation more easy and convenient.
  8. Ultrasonic slitting machine adopt quick feeding design, load material and lay off just need one operation can be completed, effectively reduce the amount of working, so as to improve the production efficiency.
  9. Automatic counting device, it is clear at a glance.

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Technical Data
Model SE-F2090
Voltage 380V, 50/60Hz
Power 9 KW
Size 2350mm*3100mm*1550mm
Effective slitting width 50mm-1600mm
The maximum put scroll diameter 600mm
The maximum collect scroll diameter 600mm
Productivity 1-90 m/min