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Ultrasonic Underclothes Position Machine


The Ultrasonic underclothes position machine is used to position the sealing part of the clothes before sealing. With its perfect welding effect, easy to operate, easy to take, it is widely used in the underclothes industries.This ultrasonic underclothes position machine is widely used in cloths industry, trade mark industry, automobile industry, plastic and electrical industry, household goods industry and so on.Cloths industry: the procedure of underwear before sewing machine, welding braid and brace web, available for hot fix.Trademark Industry: woven label, printing label and so on.Automobile: door panel sound insulation cotton, windscreen wiper seat, generator hood, radiator cap and so on.Plastic and electrical industry: welding small plastic and so on.Household goods industry: welding cell cotton and so on.

Features and Function

  1. Imported high quality ultrasonic transducer which power and stable.
  2. Excellent sharp design, square saved.
  3. Higher and stronger power than other machines.
  4. Essential part was assembled by imported component.
  5. Little noise, pro-environment.

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Technical Data
Model SE-S3505
Voltage 220 V, 50/60 Hz
Power 500W
Frequency 35 KHz
Size 400*290*120 MM
Diameter of welding part 1-10 MM
Weight 12KG