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Ultrasonic Reflective Crystal Bonding Machine


Ultrasonic Reflective Crystal Bonding Machine made by Sheetal Enterprises is a special sewing and embossing equipment for reflective crystal. It is mainly used for sealing, welding, cutting, embossing the reflective crystal. The products are widely used in kinds of reflective signs, safety clothing, license number, safety facility, and so on.
Other Name: Ultrasonic Reflective Crystal Bonding Machine, Ultrasonic Warning Tape Bonding Machine, PVC Reflective Crystal Bonding Machine

Features and Function

  1. Products made by this machine will not be wrinkle;
  2. This machine can produce 1~3 reflective crystal tapes at the same time;
  3. Fully automatic equipment with scrap recovery device, one worker can attend to several machines
  4. This machine can emboss words, flowers and other drawings on reflective crystal lattice;
  5. Reflective crystal sealed by this machine will keep its good water tightness, and the cutting part is smooth, without smoke or coke.
  6. Roller of this machine is made in special alloy steel, and heat treatment, abrasion proof and long service life
  7. This ultrasonic reflective crystal bonding machine is very easy to operate, worker without any experience can easy to operate it.
  8. The reflective crystal tape is made in reflective crystal lattice, can be made into kinds of colors, and stripes. It can reflect the light when the light irradiates, so it is a good warning sign.
  9. The reflective crystal tape is mainly used as garment accessories, widely used in traffic guidance, fire protection, sanitation, city management, road rescue, highway maintenance and other industries.
  10. Color: Fluorescent white, fluorescent yellow, red, pink and other guests require colors. Width: Conventional 2.5 cm, 3.8 cm, 4.5 cm, 5 cm, can be made according to request.
  11. It can also be print Logo by request.

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Technical Data
Model SE-HF2025
Voltage 220V, 50/60Hz
Power 2500W
Frequency 20Hz
Weight 200KG
Size 2000*750*1450 MM
Capacity 8-20 m/min
Roller Diameter 6 inch