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Ultrasonic Quilting Machine


The Ultrasonic Quilting Machine Using high-frequency vibration wave propagation to be welded two or more surfaces, In the case of pressure, make the material surface to frication from each other and urge the fusion between the molecular layer, it ‘s advantage is high speed, energy conservation, high fusion, good conductivity, no spark, close to the cold processing.

Features and Function

  1. Short welding time, ultrasonic automatic bonding without thread and needle more efficient and convenience, the sewing speed is more than 5 to 10 times compare with traditional way. the width of ultrasonic quilting machine is decided by client.
  2. Becuase of needleless, so that can avoid to leave the needle inside the product, eliminate the security risks, It’s a new safety and environmental protection product.
  3. Compare with traditional way, ultrasonic quilting is more cementation, clear embossed surface, has a more three-dimensional relief effect, more high-class and beautiful.
  4. After Pinhole-free processing, it is waterproof and more warm.
  5. Using roller die, easy to change, and can sew many kinds of designs. and can make any design according to client’s request.
  6. This machine is fully automatic, equiped with infrared auto edge system can align layers of materials, and let all layers of material to keep in aligned state, low lose of processing. product is more smooth and stable.
  7. It adopts Taiwan ultrasonic system idea which is more stable, marked generator accordingly to the horns for easy identifying; stretch roller for more smooth finished products.
  8. Design of the embossing roller: processing with corrosion forming and high precision grinding which can assure the smoothness and evenness of the roller for perfect finish products.
  9. Ultrasonic Horns: it uses Taiwan imported aluminium horns (or titanium horns for special choosable parts), whose touching surface has been hard oxygen treatment to reach higher hardness and abrasion resistance and get longer use life.
  10. Carriage of the ultrasonic quilting machine are made of imported aluminium alloy material, after harden treatment it can get harder hardness and abrasion resistance, won’t be easy to be out of shape.

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Technical Data
Model SE-JM2012
Voltage AC380V,50HZ
Power 10KW(Crest Value)
Frequency 15KHZ
Size 7000MM*3000MM*2500MM(standard 1.6M machine)
Weight 1.6M
Air pressure Compressed Air (5MPA)
Speed 0-12M/MIN