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Ultrasonic Pull Bow Making Machine


The Ultrasonic pull bow making machine also can be called pull bow making machine, ultrasonic butterfly pull bow making machine, ultrasonic pull flower making machine, ultrasonic gift ribbon making machine, and ultrasonic gift bow making machine. Different with the traditional pull bow making, this ultrasonic pull bow making machine use ultrasonic working principle for products making, from the material feeding to finished products collecting, the whole processing can be finished fully automatically, easy to operate, economic and high efficiency, with artistic final products.

Features and Function

  1. Automaticity: Auto three layer material feeding, , from material feeding to inner layers cutting ,four layers welding and finished cutting, the machine process them automatically, one worker can operate several machines at the same time.
  2. Steady ultrasonic system: Original Japan import transducer, Taiwan import steel horn, ultrasonic generator assembly by import electric component, steady performance, less fault, fit long time work condition.
  3. High efficiency, easy to adjust product size:
  4. Working width can make depend on client’s requirement.
  5. Material fixed position accurate by stationary fixture; stationary fixture width can make depend on client’s requirement.
  6. Be equipped with material pre-stock system which can assure the speed and the accuracy of the machine.
  7. Can produce several bows in one time, depend on ribbon width.
  8. Ribbon length pattern size and embossing design can make as client’s requirement.
  9. Ribbon ends can cut in different shape, like swallow tail ETC
  10. Ultrasonic embossing, pattern and separation distance can make as client’s requirement, artistic and no burning.
  11. High efficiency, 100,000~ 150,000 pcs/day, depend on ribbon size.
  12. Operate panel easy to read, easy learning how to operate without any experience, PLC control, accurate cutting length.

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Technical Data
Model SE-SLH2010
Voltage 220V,50/60Hz
Power 3KW
Frequency 20K
Size 960(L) x 570(W) x 1000(H) MM
Frame Size 1100(L) x 550(W) x 1000(H) MM
Capacity 100,000-150,0n
Width of roller 20CM