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Ultrasonic Surgical Gown Sewing Machine


The Ultrasonic operation coat machine, it gets rid of the traditional needle seaming step, accord with human body engineering design, security, easy to operate; can for straight line and arc welding. It can meets the functional requirements of welding products, waterproofing, sealing, antibacterial etc. matching floral whorl can improve the welding product strong and beautiful.

Features and Function

  1. It doesn`t need needle, save the cost, avoid the trouble of break needle.
  2. Humanized design, accord with human body engineering.
  3. Can do a straight line and curve suture processing.
  4. Coincidence with the request of watertight, airtight, gas defense (germ).
  5. The floral whorl designed according to the pattern, strengthen the processing product intension and sense of beauty.
  6. Can control the welding width, add capacity.

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Technical Data
Model SE-SS2012B
Voltage 220V
Power 1500W
Frequency 20KHZ
Size 1100*800*1300MM
Weight 130KG
Capacity 5-15M/MIN