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Ultrasonic Nonwoven Bag Handle Welding Machine-Double Head


The Nonwoven tote bag welding machine weld hands pull to the bag directly by using ultrasonic principle. Pneumatic device to insure Welding quickly if switch step down, beautiful and stable welding point, Design all kinds of welding dark fringe if you required. Adjusting welding width is available within the mould’s length. Length of hands pull is not limited, starting up working directly without preheat, high efficiency, only two persons could operate this unit for enhancing efficiency and deduce labor.

Features and Function

  1. Improved design optimal performance
  2. Japan imported transducer, strong and stable output
  3. Titanium transducer, longer useful life
  4. Automatic compensation circuit of frequency modulation and frequency
  5. Set the soft start circuit debugging, to avoid damage to the mold
  6. The whole machine body processed by CNC tool, high precision
  7. Adjustable floor structure, debugging mold conveniently
  8. All of high-quality imported parts components, quality assurance
  9. Welding, high efficiency, low non-performing

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Technical Data
Model SE-GW2003
Voltage 220V
Size 1200*720*1450mm
Weight 145KG
Production 8pcs/min