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Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine


The Label cutting machine adopt ultrasonic cutting, the incision complete beautiful, trimming neatly smooth, no rough selvedge, don`t lost edge, don`t burns, don`t yellowing, don`t black; adopt imported PLC programmable controller, color code follow the electric eye to cooperate the stepping motor automatic feed, label dimension precise cutting, computer counting, high precision, fast speed, quick and easy to adjust the length, efficient.

Features and Function

  1. High-precision: use inductor to locate and track to the trademark cutting location;
  2. Anti-static electricity: with anti-static equipment, can eliminate a lot of the static electricity generated in the cut off the mark;
  3. High quality: use ultrasonic cutting, the cut surface smooth, soft, don`t lost edge.

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Technical Data
Model SE-CJQ1526C
Voltage 220V
Power 1500W
Frequency 20KHZ
Size 1020*500*1160MM
Weight 120KG
Productivity 120-250 pcs/min