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Ultrasonic Hot Fix Machine


The Ultrasonic hot fix machine also could be called ultrasonic rhinestone setting machine, ultrasonic stone fixing machine, ultrasonic fix setting machine, ultrasonic hot fix setting machine, shoes upper rhinestone hot fix machine, rhinestone hot fix machine, rhinestone hot fix setting machine, rhinestone fixing machine, hot fix machine, rhinestone paste machine, stone welding machine, sheet welding machine.

Ultrasonic piezoelectric signal caused by ultrasonic generator transferred to mechanical energy through piezoelectric transducer. And the mechanical energy induce work piece grind on the welding surface with high speed, so the grind heat welding the plastic of contact surface to lead two parts together. The welding is stable because of direct weld between components and weld surface.

The traditional hot fix drilling, not stable enough and easy to burn the material, lead leather yellow easily deformed and can’t be washed, easy to fall off, the Division through continuous research, developed ultrasonic hot machine, using ultrasonic Principle, weld one large area diamond in the materials on the surface, the solidity and efficiency are several times more than traditional methods.

Features and Function

  1. Automatic frequency tracking, overload protection device, quality and stability.
  2. Concentric straight axle design, the minimum degree of backwards, horizontal and vertical precision is effective to avoid damage to the diamond.
  3. Powerful output, welding surface is larger, diamond-solid, surface appearance, efficiency is 3-5 times that of traditional methods.
  4. Adjustment is simple, constant temperature configuration, to avoid excess plastic diamond, the phenomenon of hot diamond drill or not strong infiltration.
  5. Traditional leather hot plate heating method to heat the diamond to achieve the purpose of melting with the glue, but this method is easy to make leather deformation, yellow, diamond easy to fall off. These problems can be solved by using ultrasonic hot fix machine.

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Technical Data
Model SE-T1526
Voltage 220V
Power 2600W
Frequency 15KHZ
Size 1000*850*2000mm
Weight 180kg
Air Pressure 4-6kg/cm2
Productivity 30-40pcs/min