• Quality Product Wide Ultrasonic Machine Range

Ultrasonic Food Cutting System/Machine



Features and Function

  1. Real time frequency automatic tracking display
  2. Welding modes: time, energy, and grounding.
  3. Amplitude division function
  4. Welding amplitude 10%-100% adjustable (1% accuracy)
  5. Amplitude compensation
  6. Mold impedance analysis + protection
  7. overload protection
  8. Voltage protection (input)
  9. Transducer voltage protection
  10. 485 communication

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Technical Data
Frequency 20kHz 30kHz 35kHz 40kHz
Frequency Range 19.40-20.20KHz 29.30-30.30kHz 34.20-35.40kHz 39.20-40.40kHz
Power 2000W/3000W 1000W 1000W 800W
Voltage 220V+-10% 220V+-10% 220V+-10% 220V+-10%
Gas source Standard / program-controlled / switching / long vibration