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Semi Auto Ultrasonic Rhinestone Fixing Machine


The Semi Auto Ultrasonic Rhinestone Fixing Machine, hot fix machine, portable rhinestone fixing machine, semi-auto rhinestone fixing machine, ultrasonic beads makeup machine, hot setting machine and so on. Ultrasonic has the features of powerful potential financial and technical strength, the purpose of enhance your product’s quality and beauty must be available. Semi-auto ultrasonic rhinestone fixing machine is a equipment used to welding the rhinestone to cloth directly.

Features and Function

  1. NTK transducer, powerful and stable
  2. Sending and collecting materials automatically, convenient operation
  3. 20KHZ ultrasonic frequency, low noise.
  4. PLC screen, simple operation
  5. you can change the length and speed depend on your requirement
  6. Permit change mould if you need
  7. Compact structure, reasonable design, beautiful appearance.

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Technical Data
Model SE-Z2007A
Voltage 220V
Power 700W
Frequency 20KHZ
Size 600*600*1100mm
Weight 60kg
Productivity 100-130pcs/min