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Numerical Control Cold & Hot Cutting Machine TYPE 100


The Numerical Control Cold & Hot Cutting Machine equipments adopt microcomputer control system, adjustable cold/heat cut, smooth cut section, auto feeding, auto pause, auto parameter storage, it’s very suitable for fabric cutting, film cutting, Velcro cutting, ribbon cutting, tape cutting, braid cutting, meshbelt cutting, webbing cutting, cord cutting, riband cutting, banderol cutting, nylon tape cutting, woven ribbon cutting, PP cord cutting, elastic ribbon cutting, elastic cutting, shoe lace cutting, shoestring cutting, plastic tape cutting, paper cutting, zipper cutting, woven net tube cutting, tube cutting, flat cable cutting, small cable cutting, thin electric wire cutting, metal sheet cutting, hot melt adhesive tape cutting and so on.

The Numerical Control Cold & Hot Cutting Machine: Microcomputer control cutting machine, computerized cutter, tape cutter, Velcro cutter, cord cutter, string cutter, zipper cutter, shoelace cutter, PP cord cutter, woven tape cutting, ribbon cutter, heat-shrinkable T bush cutter, hear-shrinkable tubing cutter, flat cable cutter, aluminium foil cutter, tubing cutter, PVC cutter and so on.

Features and Function

  1. Changeable between hot cutting and cold cutting, straight cut and bevel cut; smart design to save positioning space.
  2. Intelligent control, Chinese and English digital display, easy parameter setting and machine operation; free length adjust within 1-999.9 MM; accuracy identification for both light color base + deep color letters or deep color base + light color letters.
  3. Alternative manual operation for convenient debugging; also has auto feeding frame for labor saving.
  4. Accuracy cutting, high definition light sensor tracking, stable performance and also speed is fast. For example: 250 pcs 40mm cutting/min.

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Technical Data
Model SE-JQ160
Voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Power 500KW
Size 600*500*450 MM
Weight 50KG
Cut Width 1-160 MM
Driving Force 3-4 HP