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M10 Folded Mask Machine


The M10 Folded Mask Machine, also known as C-type face mask machine, is the fully automatic machine for producing the M10 Masks Folding Machine by using the ultrasonic technology to bond the 3 to 5 layer PP non-woven, activated carbon and filter materials, cutting the folded mask body to process 3M 9001,9002 mask body, etc. According to different raw materials used, the produced face masks can have different standards, such as FFP1,FFP2,NP5. Re-use ear line welding machine to weld the ear line to the body, to complete the production of folding masks. The ear line material is elastic non-woven, make the wearer`s ears comfortable, without pressure, the filter effect of the mask filtration fabric is good, perfect fit human`s face, can be used in the high-pollution industries, such as the building industry, the mining industry.

Features and Function

  1. The machine automatically blank, trimming and folding welding process, the replacement of the mold can be processed folded masks of different shapes of the body.
  2. PLC automatic controlling, automatic counting.
  3. Easy conditioning and convenient refueling.
  4. The mold uses the extraction method for the rapid replacement of mold and producting different types of molds,
  5. The whole machine adopt aluminium alloy, the parts after plating processing, make the whole machine beautiful, strong and doesn`t rust.
  6. Advanced equipments for feeding and rewinding the materials.
  7. High stablility, low failure rate.

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Technical Data
Model SE-MMF910
Voltage 220V-50/60Hz
Power 5KW
Size 6000 * 1800 * 1700mm
Weight 700KGS
Productivity 25-40 pcs/min