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Inner Ear-loop Face Mask Machine


The Inner Ear-loop Mask Machine uses ultrasonic technology to weld the elastic band to the two sides of Face Mask Blank, then finishes the whole procedure of making a complete inner ear-loop face mask.

Our companies’face mask machine only needs one operator to put the face mask blank onto the conveyor belt, then it will finish all the remaining processing automatically.


Features and Function

  1. Compact Machine Design,so they will save space
  2. All the structure of the whole face mask machine was made from aluminum alloy, beautiful, strong and rustproof.
  3. With high stability, low failure rate
  4. PLC Procedure Control
  5. Photoelectric detection which can lower the failure rate
  6. Put the face mask blank.
  7. Cover the face mask edge.
  8. Weld the face mask ear band.
  9. Weld the face mask edge.
  10. Cut the face mask edge band.
  11. Finish the face mask.

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Technology Data
Model SE- GW2019
Voltage 220V, 1 or 3 phase
Frequency 20KHz
Power 6KW
Size 1915(L) X 855(W) x 1780(H)mm
Air Pressure 6kg/cm2
Productivity 40-50pcs/min