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Fish Type Mask Machine


The Fish type mask machine is high degree of automation, Using PLC programming control and ultrasonic technology to stick the 1-5 layer PP non-woven, activated carbon filter material. It can do from the mask into the nose line, embossing, folding, trimming forming a special production process lines clear analysis, in the production of non-deformation. Besides, it can minimize the waste material and effectively guarantee the production of masks quality.. There is a waste recovery. Applicable to any environment.

Features and Function

  1. Latest mask machine, adopting priciple of ultrasound produes 3~5 layers dust mask like 9332 type.
  2. automatic production with counting.
  3. Compared with normal mask production equipment , this line only need one operator.
  4. Finished mask can achive inspection standards.
  5. Automatic tension control, material feeding is easy.
  6. High stablility with 40-60 pcs/min, low failure rate.

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Technology Data
Model SE-MMF2050
Voltage 220V /380V
Power 6KW
Size 5500 * 1000 * 1300MM
Weight 600KG
Productivity 40-60 pcs/min
Capacity 50-60pcs/min