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Face Mask Ear-Loop Welding Machine


The ultrasonic face mask ear-loop welding machine use the original imported transducer/converter which with stable output performance, and quality spares, smart design which makes the operation much more convenient, mainly used to the ear-loop welding for N95 masks such as cup type masks, dust-proof masks, duckbill masks, medical disposable masks and so on, with a high productivity and quality finished products.

Double guide pin design can solve the problems of tilting during the welding processing.Convenient operation design, perfect welding effect, won’t hurt the material.

Features and Function

  1. Smart design and easy for operation.
  2. The ear-loops for disposable masks, inner/outside ear-loop masks, cup masks, duckbill masks and other special-shaped masks.
  3. After finished the mask blank, then start to weld the ear-loop with manual, easy for operation, and the welding effect is beautiful.

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Technology Data
Model SE-CMM06
Voltage 220V
Power 500W
Air Pressure 3 KG/CM2
Size 800 x 600 x 1400 MM
Capacity 10 – 12 pcs/min