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Double-Disc Ultrasonic Hot-Fix Machine


The Double-Disc Ultrasonic Hot-Fix Machine Integrating ultrasonic and electric power systems Two different discs are installed and operated simultaneously for more purposes If there are two units of different sizes or octagonal units, it will modify them through the ultrasonic and electric power systems without any waiting time. It modifies operation by using a touch button between the ultrasonic and electric power systems, so beginners will feel it easy to operate it

Features and Function

  1. This unit can fix beads instantly on the material (velvet, jeans, knitted fabric, PU leather, genuine leather or any other synthetic leather) by ultrasonic.
  2. This unit is applied mainly to the hot fix of shoes, underwear, children’s wear, T-shirts, embroideries, leathers, handbags, hair ornaments, hats and other decorations.
  3. This unit is as efficient as 130 beads/minute.
  4. The double-disc hot-fix machine can fix two kinds of beads with two colors,improve the efficiency.

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Technical Data
Model SE-D2007B
Voltage 220V/(50/60Hz)
Power 700W
Frequency 35KHZ
Weight 60kg
Air Press 5-6kg/cm
Size 600*600*1050mm