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Clam Type Mask Blank Machine/C Shape Mask


The Clam Type Mask Blank Machine is the auto equipment which be used to the product of disposable face masks, be suitable for the material of non-woven fabric , activated carbon and filter material from 1~4 layers.

The Folded face mask Blank machinewill finish all the processing from the feeding to breather valve hole punching, edge sealing, cutting the finished products automatically.According to different material you use, the finished products can reach the standards as N95, FFP2 etc. Clam Type Mask Blank Machine produced by Sheetal Enterprises has features as stable performance, high productivity, low error rate and easy operation etc.

Features and Function

  1. Aluminum alloy frame steady and beautiful in outlooks which will ensure the size of the finished products accurately
  2. Stainless steel fixture can adjust the size of the material freely
  3. Tensioner wheels which can keep the finished masks blank to be flat and smoothly
  4. Vertical compression adjust system, assume product endure same pressure
  5. Multi pressure control device assume product endure same pressure while sewing
  6. Rotary control box the direction of the control box can be adjusted according to the request.

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Technology Data
Model SE-GW2015B
Voltage 220V
Power 3 KW
Frequency 20 KHZ
Size 3900(L)*905(W)*1400(H)mm
Weight 650KG
Productivity 130-160pcs/min