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Automatic Ultrasonic Outside Ear-Loop Welding Machine


The Automatic Ultrasonic Outside Ear-Loop Welding Machine use the original imported transducer / converter which with stable output performance, and quality spares, smart design which makes the operation much more convenient,

Mainly used to the ear-loop welding for N95 masks such as cup type masks, dust-proof masks, duckbill masks, medical disposable masks and so on, with a high productivity and quality finished products.

Features and Function

  1. Smart design and easy for operation.
  2. Can welding the ear-loops for disposable masks, inner/outside ear-loop masks, cup masks, duckbill masks and other special-shaped masks.
  3. A group of two experienced workers can finish 10-12 pcs per minute.
  4. After finished the mask blank, then start to weld the ear-loop with manual, easy for operation, and the welding effect is beautiful.

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Technology Data
Model SE-UMM03
Voltage 220V-50/60Hz
Power 3 KW
Frequency 20KHz
Size 2646x620x1750MM
Weight 600KG
Air Presure 4-6KG/CM2
Capacity 45-55PCS/MIN