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Automatic Ultrasonic Medical Cap/ Surgeon cap making Machine


The Automatic ultrasonic medical cap machine that is automatic, integrated equipment produce medical doctor cap, which use non-woven (non woven) as raw materials; also known as ultrasonic medical cap machine, ultrasonic non-woven medical cap / doctor cap making machines. The finished product is mainly used to prevent contamination and infection in operation, also can be used for scientific research, laboratory and other sterile environments.

Features and Function

  1. Ultrasonic welding, molding products directly.
  2. Automatic and all-in-one machine, feeding, folding, welding and cutting procedures are fully automatic.
  3. Man-machine interface, only one person operation; control panel is easy to learn;
  4. PLC program controller was adopted to ensure high stability and low failure rate;
  5. Import Japanese ultrasound system
  6. Taiwan’s moulds, precision processing technology, high hardness and durability;
  7. Adjustable tension control system to ensure that the finished appearance
  8. Imports slow down brake motors; reduce the defect rate of products;
  9. Stop machine automatic if material is shortage;
  10. Beautiful and rust-resisting aluminum shell
  11. Produce different specifications medical cap is available by changing the size of the mold;
  12. Smooth and beautiful finished product, spot patterns can be customized according to customer requirements; smooth incision, no black bars, edges and so on.

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Technical Data
Model SE- GW2010
Voltage 380V 50/60Hz
Power 8kw
Frequency 20 KHz
Motor Power 2.2kw
System 5 Sets
Size 8250*880*1400mm
Productivity 0-70 pcs/min