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Automatic Ultrasonic Duckbill Mask Blank Machine


The Automatic Ultrasonic Duckbill Mask Blank Machine is the automatic equipment which make the Duck-Mouth Masks, which make the use of ultrasonic technology for welding, totally procedure including: feeding, mask blank making, elastic ear-loop welding and then finished of the masks will be finished by the machine automatically.

Features and Function

  1. Automatic feeding system
  2. Aluminum alloys frames, solid and artistic
  3. PLC controlled, ensure the accuracy of finished products
  4. All clamps are made in stainless steel, position can be adjusted
  5. Adjustable tensioned device, ensure the appearance and flatness of finished products;
  6. Independent nose clip feeding device, easy to adjust and maintain; after inserted, the anchor point will position automatically, ensure position and stability of nose clip.

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Technology Data
Model SE-YZ0006
Voltage 220V-50/60Hz
Power 5.3kw
Size 4200(L)x 820(W)x 1660(H)MM
Capacity 0-80 pcs/min