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Automatic Non Woven Fruit Bags Making Machine



The Automatic Non Woven Fruit Bags Making Machine is a full-automatic machine, based on PP non-woven, use ultrasonic seamless sewing, makes fruit bags. The size of the bags can be adjust within limit, so that one machine can produce kinds of bags, such as: banana bag, apple bag, peach bag, mango bag, and so on.

Features and Function

  1. Compact design to save space.
  2. Stable performance, precise.
  3. Ultrasonic welding, dimensions variable.
  4. Finished with good appearance, high capacity.
  5. Aluminum structure, beautiful and strong.

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Technical Data
Model SE-MZ03
Voltage 220V,50/60HZ
Power 5800W
Size 3760*950*1780 mm
Air Pressure 4-6 kg/cm
Productivity 40-120 pcs/min