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Automatic Elastic Plastic Shoes Cover Machine


PE(CPE) Shoe Cover Machine is a fully automatic disposable shoe cover machine which
used PE(CPE) as raw material, from feeding to finished product collect all of procedure are
automatic, high efficiency and low cost. The shoe cover machine products for hospitals, non
dust industrial operations, food processing plant, is also used as a household cleaning

Features and Function

  1. PLC program control, Chinese and English operation interface, push-button control panel, easy to learn;
  2. Used converter Control for precise operation;
  3. Adopt ultrasonic and hot seal, auto clutch heating roller.
  4. All imported components, stable performance;
  5. Independent R & D, quality assurance, product yield, good quality, and one man can operate, save cost and significantly improve production efficiency and increase revenue.

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Technical Data
Model SE-XT0001B
Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
Power 3.5KW
Frequency 20K
Weight 14KG
Capacity 40-55pcs/min
Size 1850(L)x1200(W)x1350(H)mm
Frame 680(L)x510(W)x1050(H)mm