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Auto VELCRO Cutting & Welding Machine


The Auto VELCRO cutting & welding machine can cut and weld the VELCRO piece as its name: first cut the VELCRO into required length then fold and weld one end with ultrasonic to make it a ring then can be used as a VELCRO cable ties/VELCRO cable strap, for example cable tie of NOKIA PHONE charger, cable strap of laptop adapter and so on.
Also be called as: auto magic tape cutting & welding machine, auto hook and loop cutting & welding machine, auto VELCRO cable ties cutting machine, auto VELCRO cable strap cutting & welding machine, auto VELCRO cable ties making machine, auto ultrasonic VELCRO cable ties machine and so on.

Features and Function

  1. High precision: feeding with step motor which can control the accurate measurements.
  2. Flexible applicability: can cut VELCRO cable ties into different length without change any spare parts
  3. Independent bodies of the machine which can be set out related.
  4. PLC control, easy and convenient in operation.

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Technical Data
Model SE-MJH1520
Voltage 220V 50/60 Hz
Power 2KW
Frequency 15KHZ
Weight 40KG
Productivity 15-25 pcs/min