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Auto Ultrasonic Power Adapter Welding Machine


The Auto Ultrasonic Power Adapter Welding Machine, using the robot plus belt mechanism using the unique combination of procedures, saving 2-3 people, compared with the traditional plastic welder. Maximize the labor productivity of enterprises, improve the passing rate of products and reduce labor intensity, the development of enterprises play a multiplier effect. Will not weld the plastic pieces on the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt will cause pieces of plastic pieces of plastic to be sent to the weld zone, when the sensor is sensitive to pick up plastic pieces of plastic pieces from the left into the robot welding fixture, robot resets waiting for the next pick up plastic pieces, ultrasonic welding is started after welding is complete, right-robot dish welded plastic pieces, remove the finished product on the conveyor belt, the welding finished packaging area caused by transport packaging.

Features and Function

  1. The mechanical mechanism section: aluminum main frame beautiful clean surface with chrome plated parts. Chassis plate or the like by a laser cutting machine, CNC bending machine shearing processing, machine assembly and compact fit is excellent.
  2. The electronic control system adopts imported PLC control the whole operation is completed, touch screen interface, cylinder sensors are imported brands, higher positioning accuracy, weld details can be set to adjust the touch screen. So as to achieve precise fine.
  3. The power adapter ultrasonic welding machine welding system using NTK mover, titanium horn, strong power, consolidate durable, system power up to about 20% higher than the domestic exchange.
  4. High precision welding: sesonrs positioning and belt tranfering.
  5. Widely applicability: even different sizes plastic parts can also uses the same machine and horns, only need to adjust the limitting stopper.
  6. Awesome welding effect: 15Khz high power ultrasonic welding, stable and powerful output.

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Technical Data
Model SE-SA1542
Voltage 200-240V/50-60Hz
Power 5.5W
Frequency 15KHZ
Weight 230KG
Size 1000 * 1800 * 1850mm