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Auto Ultrasonic Drip Chamber Welding Machine


The Auto Ultrasonic Drip Chamber Welding Machine uses ultrasonic technical for welding drip chamber and filtering membrane. Manipulator plus conveyor structure which can save 4~5 workers each machine compares to traditional plastic welding machine. Welding Processing: Manual Feed- Bottom Die Transfer-filter membrane input-ultrasonic weld-auto check-auto material return

Features and Function

  1. Original imported PLC + Chinese & English LCD displayer
  2. Servo motor for accuracy belt transferring controlling and positioning
  3. Punching dies are made of imported die steel, imported machine for WEDM-LS, high precision die and without deckle edge and durable at the same time.
  4. Matched with imported ultrasonic welder to get more stable welding effect, low reject rate and longer service life.
  5. High accuracy air leakage checking system to make sure the high acceptability of finished products
  6. Belt transferring to get more efficient and safe welding
  7. Incomplete filling induction device, no filter input, no welding and no stop once there is no plastic parts in the right position.
  8. No need any other auxiliary material, no need chemical liquid, so it’s safe for workers.
  9. Strong welding, no transformation, no appearance harm and no welding damage.
  10. Can reach air tightness and water tightness.

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Technical Data
Model SE-ADD3550
Voltage 220-240V/50-60Hz
Power 5KW
Frequency 35KHZ
Size 2300 * 1500 * 1950mm
Weight 800KG