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Auto Non Woven Shopping Bag Machine


The Auto Non Woven Shopping Bag Machine produces top grade non-woven bags and shoes bags, handbags, etc. widely used in various types of non-woven fabrics, plastics, PE synthetic compound made of various materials, such as handbags, bags, all types of linen, coverings, packaging sealed.

Features and Function

  1. Apply to various non-woven bag such as vest bag, hand bag, HDPE bag, shopping bag and so on.
  2. Vest bag: Length: 50-60cm, can set the max length to 80cm。
  3. Five sets of ultrasonic systems, steady working.
  4. “L” type structure, saving space effectively.
  5. Protective system for no material, correction system, enhance product qualification rate.
  6. Change cutting and sewing effect by exchange the pinch roller.
  7. Modular design, component exchange convenience and simple.
  8. PLC control, high accuracy and small error.
  9. Stepless variable speed, stable performance, debug conveniently.
  10. Operates simply, easy to learn and use.

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Technical Data
Model SE-GW2012A
Voltage 220V
Power 12W
Frequency 15KHZ or 20KHZ
Size 5500mm x 3500mm x 1600mm
Width of material 1.2M
Thickness of the material 230-120 g/m2
Width of material 1.2M
Inner diameter of the material roller 3″
Length of the bag 250mm-520mm
Weight 2000kg