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Auto Elastic Cutting Machine


The Auto elastic cutting machine is ultrasonic technical based and fully automatic machine, the cutting incision will be smooth, soft, sealed and beautiful.

Features and Function

  1. NTK series transducers, which is powerful and stable output.
  2. Double column design can offer equalizing pressure for cutting.
  3. 20Khz ultrasonic with little noise.
  4. PLC for easier and more intuitive operation.
  5. Free adjustable length and speed.
  6. With Acrylics protective cover.
  7. Rotary cutter rest allows 360o angle adjusting.
  8. Elastic material feeding device equipped to promise more accuracy cutting length.

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Technology Data
Model SE-QSA2015
Frequency 20 KHZ
Voltage 220V
Output Power 1500W
Size 1100*550*1550 MM
Weight 130KG
Speed 60-90 times/min