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Auto Cup Mask Machine


Sheetal Enterprises is located in Ahmedabad in Gujarat State. It is a professional manufacturer in automatic ultrasonic equipment for over 20 years .we can offer full automatic equipment for medical face mask, cup mask (bowl mask), duckbill mask, disposable mask, tridimensional mask, N95 mask, dust mask and other non-woven masks, has been provided whole production line of masks for many domestic and foreign enterprises, and got an good reputation in this industrial.

Introduction of automatic face mask machinery:

Auto cup mask machine is the most advanced auto cup mask producing equipment inland at present. Auto cup mask machine can shape, press and scrap the cup mask with 3-ply or 4-ply materials which is a collection of multi function and the product is single cup mask. Auto cup mask machine with high efficient and saving workers which can operate three machines by one worker and can produce 8 to 12 piece cup masks /minute. Auto cup mask machine have steady performance, low noise and continuous working. Auto cup mask machine controlled by PLC, advanced and intuitive. Aluminum’s alloy structure with non rust. Saving workers immensely and enhancing the efficient. Auto cup mask machine apply to cup mask, gas mask and N95 mask producing.

Features and Function

  1. High efficiency and batch production;
  2. None auxiliary material, harmless;
  3. Firmly bonded, no distortion or damaged;
  4. High air tightness and water tightness;
  5. Piezoelectric ceramic transducer imported, output is strong and stable;
  6. Anti-backwards and coaxial direct pressure design, pressure exerted evenly, improve welding precision;
  7. Touch screen, parameter set institutional and exact;
  8. Imported main electrical components;
  9. Sophisticated PLC control circuit, automatic overload protected system;
  10. High precision segmentation imported from Taiwan, no error; NC switch, progress up to 0.01;
  11. Unique design of level screw, mould is easier to debug;
  12. High Q value transducer, output power strong;
  13. Turbine design, adjust trip easily; alloy amplitude transformer, strong and stable ultrasound
  14. Electrical components, high performance.

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Technology Data
Model SE-CMM09
Voltage 220V, 1 or 3 phase
Power 7KW
Size 4500(L)*1300(W)*1700(H)mm
Ultrasonic Frequency 15KHZ
Productivity 8-12pcs/min
Capacity 10-12 pcs
Compressed Air 6kg/cm2