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Auto Cup Mask Forming Machine


The auto cup mask forming machine uses high temperature hot-forming for firmly mask shaping, it’s fully auto from material feed to form, cut and finished products collect processing, according to traditional manual processing , each machine can save 3~5 workers, each time can form 6 masks, each week can reach 46~52 pcs. This machine adopts PLC control system, touch screen parameter setting, which are easy and convenient for operation, each machine need only one worker for putting the material on the feeding frame, it greatly improves the production efficiency.

Features and Function

  1. Auto feeding, auto cutting, labor cost saving
  2. With a high efficiency of each time 6 pcs formed masks
  3. Easy and convenient operation with the touch screen parameter setting.

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Technology Data
Model SE-CMM10
Voltage 220V
Size 3400*1230*1900MM
Weight 500 KG
Capacity 42-48 pcs/min