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Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine (15KHZ) 4200W


The 4200W Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine We professionally produce standard ultrasonic plastic welding machine, such as 2600 W – 3200 W plastic welding machine, 4200 W – 5600 W high power plastic welding machine and other precision welding equipment: double-head plastic welder, six-head plastic welder, hollow plastic box welding machine.

Features and Function

  1. Japanese NTK transducer,imported cylinder, stronger power and more stability;
  2. Anti-backwards body and coaxial direct pressure design, make pressure exerted more evenly, higher welding precision;
  3. 4200 W high power output, suitable for larger plastic welding with good welding effect;
  4. Use high quality electrical components imported;
  5. Oscillation plate and crystal slab are imported from Taiwan;
  6. Alloy mould, sturdy and durable, not to wear;
  7. Unique design of level screw, mould is easier to debug;
  8. Limitation welding system makes the finished products not overflow;
  9. Smart structure, reasonable design and beautiful appearance.

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Technical Data
Model SE-S1542
Voltage 200V
Power 4200W
Frequency 15KHZ
Weight 200KG
Size 800*1000*1850 mm