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Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine 15khz-2500watt /3000watt /4000watt ( Digital-Auto tune)


Ultrasonic Plastic welding machine 15khz-2500watt /3000watt /4000watt ( Digital-Auto tune)

Features and Function

  1. Real time frequency automatic tracking display
  2. Welding modes: time, energy, and grounding.
  3. Amplitude division function
  4. Welding amplitude 10%-100% adjustable (1% accuracy)
  5. Amplitude compensation
  6. Mold impedance analysis + protection
  7. Overload protection
  8. Voltage protection (input)
  9. Transducer voltage protection
  10. Quality management (time and energy)
  11. Welding record (operation statistics)
  12. Powerful, high quality, stable welding

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Technical Data
Model SE-1525/1530/1540
Power 2500W/3000W/4000W
Frequency 15 KHZ
Work Plan 75MM/100MM
Voltage 220V+-10%
Gas source 2kgf—8kgf