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Ultrasonic Rhinestone Sealer

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  • Auto Computer Control Rhinestone Hot Fix Machine

    The Auto computer controlled ultrasonic rhinestone hot-fix machine can fix the rhinestones on the garments, fabric material easily, operation is fully auto, high speed and easy, no need to arrange the design firstly as the traditional way.

  • Double-Disc Ultrasonic Hot-Fix Machine

    The Double-Disc Ultrasonic Hot-Fix Machine Integrating ultrasonic and electric power systems Two different discs are installed and operated simultaneously for more purposes If there are two units of different sizes or octagonal units.

  • Semi Auto Ultrasonic Rhinestone Fixing Machine

    The Semi Auto Ultrasonic Rhinestone Fixing Machine, hot fix machine, portable rhinestone fixing machine, semi-auto rhinestone fixing machine, ultrasonic beads makeup machine, hot setting machine and so on.

  • Single Head Ultrasonic Hot Fix Machine

    The Single Head Ultrasonic Hot Fix Machine This unit is applied mainly to the hot fix of shoes, underwear, children is wear, T-shirts, embroideries, leathers, handbags, hair ornaments, hats and other decorations.

  • Ultrasonic Hot Fix Machine

    The Ultrasonic hot fix machine also could be called ultrasonic rhinestone setting machine, ultrasonic stone fixing machine, ultrasonic fix setting machine, ultrasonic hot fix setting machine, shoes upper rhinestone hot fix machine, rhinestone hot fix machine.

  • Ultrasonic Laser Tape Bonding Machine

    The Ultrasonic laser tape bonding machine, use the principle of ultrasonic to weld all kinds of laser tape to the PVC material instantly, the effect is fastness, and also can be colorful and beautiful design, will be perfect stereoscopic impression.