Cheese Cutting

Virtually all types of cheese in all shapes may be cut successfully with ultrasonics. Very soft cheeses with high moisture content tend to be the most difficult while hard cheeses with high fat content work the best. Ultrasonic cutting will provide better aesthetic finishes, create less crumbling and damage and will reduce downtime due to cleanup or product sticking to the blade surface.

Cake Cutting

Multi-layer, multi-density cakes are the most common products in this category. Ultrasonics can provide outstanding, aesthetic cuts to high-value cake and bakery products.
High quality aesthetics and reduced product sticking. Soft creams and even inclusions such as nuts or raisins can be accommodated

Food Packaging, spouts, valves, zippers

With ultrasonics, fast and safe welding of injection molded degassing valves or spouts on films of any type is possible. Film shrinkage is prevented and the barrier properties are not jeopardized since ultrasonics only excites the molecules in the actual sealing layer. Moreover, ultrasonics allows for safe integration of zippers for re-sealable pouches and welding of the zipper ends (zipper-crushing).