Ultrasonics is not only suitable for joining plastic materials with each other, but also for joining plastics and other materials, such as metal, or wood. Even chromium components are suitable for ultrasonic staking. By means of sonotrode grouping, it is also possible to realize particularly demanding joining tasks, such as welding of large instrument clusters. Brilliant surface finish and precise gap control is achieved.


Strength, tightness, and dimensional accuracy but also scratch- and mark-free appearance are typical requirements. Ultrasonic welding is a low-stress process for components and makes complex component geometries possible.

Glove Boxes

Glove Boxes are more than a place to put the car manual. It is a safety device that absorbs the impact of the knees during a head on collision and transfers the load to the Energy Absorption brackets. They are usually joined through vibration welding but some auto professionals prefer to use hot plate welders. In most cases, latch mechanisms are in place during welding.