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Ultrasonic Laser Tape Bonding Machine


The Ultrasonic laser tape bonding machine, use the principle of ultrasonic to weld all kinds of laser tape to the PVC material instantly, the effect is fastness, and also can be colorful and beautiful design, will be perfect stereoscopic impression. It is widely used in the industries such as: sandals/belts/handbags and other decoration industries.Alias of ultrasonic laser tape bonding machineļ¼šalso be called laser tape transporting machine, ultrasonic laser tape transferring machine, laser tape laminating machine, ultrasonic bonding machine.

Features and Function

  1. Imported piezoelectric ceramic transducer, output is strong and stable.
  2. Anti-backwards and coaxial body design, pressure exerted balanced improve the quality of welding
  3. Digital parameter settings, intuitive and accurate.
  4. Horizontal adjustable design, adjusting is easy and quick.

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Technical Data
Model SE-Z1526
Voltage 220V,1 or 3 phase
Power 2600W
Size 780*1000*1800mm
Air Pressure 4-6kg/cm2
Speed 21-4m/min