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Cup Face Mask Breathing Valve Punching Machine


The Cup Mask Breather Hole Punching Machine is for punching of cup mask breather hole, with foot switch, easy operation, hole size and die shape will be made according to requirements, it’s the ideal equipment for breather hole punching.

Features and Function

  1. Position device will be made according to different mask shapes, high precise punching and error free,
  2. Fast, can punch 2~8 pcs mask at the same time.
  3. Easy operating, can be used instantly after power on.
  4. Quiet, without noise, and much safer than traditional punchers.
  5. Smart and artificial design, space saving.

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Technical Data
Model SE-CMM04
Voltage 220V
Power 50W
Frequency 20 K
Size 700*600*1200MM
Capacity 50-60pcs/min