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  • Auto Computer Control Rhinestone Hot Fix Machine

    The Auto computer controlled ultrasonic rhinestone hot-fix machine can fix the rhinestones on the garments, fabric material easily, operation is fully auto, high speed and easy, no need to arrange the design firstly as the traditional way.

  • Auto Elastic Cutting Machine

    The Auto elastic cutting machine is ultrasonic technical based and fully automatic machine, the cutting incision will be smooth, soft, sealed and beautiful.

  • Auto Non woven Shopping Bag Machine

    The Auto Non Woven Shopping Bag Machine produces top grade non-woven bags and shoes bags, handbags, etc. widely used in various types of non-woven fabrics, plastics, PE synthetic compound made of various materials, such as handbags, bags, all types of linen, coverings, packaging sealed.

  • Auto Ultrasonic Non Woven Bag Machine

    The Non-woven shopping bag machine: This machine also be called non-woven bag machine, non-woven shopping bag making machine, ultrasonic bag making machine, multi-function non-woven shopping bag machine, shopping bag machine, non-woven zipper bag machine and so on.

  • Velcro Cutting Welding Machine

    The Auto VELCRO cutting & welding machine can cut and weld the VELCRO piece as its name: first cut the VELCRO into required length then fold and weld one end with ultrasonic to make it a ring then can be used as a VELCRO cable ties/VELCRO cable strap, for example cable tie of NOKIA PHONE charger, cable strap of laptop adapter and so on.

  • Automatic non woven fruit bags making machine

    The Automatic Non Woven Fruit Bags Making Machine is a full-automatic machine, based on PP non-woven, use ultrasonic seamless sewing, makes fruit bags. The size of the bags can be adjust within limit, so that one machine can produce kinds of bags, such as: banana bag, apple bag, peach bag, mango bag, and so on.

  • Double Disc Ultrasonic Hot Fix Machine

    The Double-Disc Ultrasonic Hot-Fix Machine Integrating ultrasonic and electric power systems Two different discs are installed and operated simultaneously for more purposes If there are two units of different sizes or octagonal units.

  • Gauze Slitting Machine

    Slitting machine is used to slit wide material into narrow ones according to different needs. Gauze slitting machine is mainly used to cut wide coils into narrow coil. Its slitting process includes feeding and rewinding.

  • Non Woven Folding and Cutting Machine

    The Ultrasonic Non-woven Folding and Cutting Machine which uses of the ultrasonic sewing technology, combine with the PLC procedure controller, can finish the edges fold and cut processing with the set length and width with one machine, which can increase the productivity and improve economic performance.

  • Non woven Slitting Machine

    The Non-woven slitting machine is one device to trim, slit the wide material in production process according to the different needs. According to the production needs, this machine is mainly used for slitting the wide coiled material into variety of narrow coiled material, and the slitting process including feeding and rewinding.