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Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine

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  • Auto Elastic Cutting Machine

    The Auto elastic cutting machine is ultrasonic technical based and fully automatic machine, the cutting incision will be smooth, soft, sealed and beautiful.

  • Velcro Cutting Welding Machine

    The Auto VELCRO cutting & welding machine can cut and weld the VELCRO piece as its name: first cut the VELCRO into required length then fold and weld one end with ultrasonic to make it a ring then can be used as a VELCRO cable ties/VELCRO cable strap, for example cable tie of NOKIA PHONE charger, cable strap of laptop adapter and so on.

  • Numerical Control Cold & Hot Cutting Machine  TYPE 100

    The Numerical Control Cold & Hot Cutting Machine: Microcomputer control cutting machine, computerized cutter, tape cutter, Velcro cutter, cord cutter, string cutter, zipper cutter, shoelace cutter, PP cord cutter, woven tape cutting, ribbon cutter, heat-shrinkable T bush cutter, hear-shrinkable tubing cutter, flat cable cutter, aluminium foil cutter, tubing cutter, PVC cutter and so on.

  • Semi auto Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

    The semi-auto ultrasonic cutting machine is an economical and ideal manual ultrasonic cutting equipment for all kinds of ribbon cutting especially elastic band. High quality finish products, the cutting edge is soft and nice, has won a great honor from customers.

  • Ultrasonic Elastic Band Cutting Machine(SE-SJQ006)

    The ultrasonic elastic band cutting machine is a ideal new choice for auto cutting of all kinds elastic band, with soft, smooth and artistic cutting edge, one worker can operate more than one machine at the same time which can save a lot of labor cost, thus this machine has won a great honor from the customers.

  • Fabric cutting machine

    35Khz Ultrasonic Fabric Cutting Machine

  • Ultrasonic Hook and Eye Tape Cutting Machine

    The Ultrasonic Hook And Eye Tape Cutting Machine use 20KHZ ultrasonic for high frequency vibrate frication to make the cut surface get high temperature, but after cutting the temperature will back to low immediately.

  • Ultrasonic label cutting machine

    The Label cutting machine adopt ultrasonic cutting, the incision complete beautiful, trimming neatly smooth, no rough selvedge, don`t lost edge, don`t burns, don`t yellowing, don`t black; adopt imported PLC programmable controller.

  • Ultrasonic punching and cutting machine(SE-CK2022)

    The Ultrasonic punching and cutting machine is a multi-functional machine which can cut and punch on one ribbon.

  • Ultrasonic Ribbon Cutting Machine

    The Ultrasonic Ribbon Cutting Machine Working Features: High Speed—can reach max 100 times per minutes; Visualized Operation—PLC touch screen; real- time display and auto count; High Quality- Auto sealing, without burned, black or loose edge.