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    SE-H1528 ultrasonic auto insole making machine adopt wireless seam technology with high efficiency and artistic, less investment and more return. Insole forming machine with high quality, auto impressing, good effect. The insole is breathability, can add medicine powder, perfume into insole by the request of customer to make insole become health care, environmental protection and comfotable.

  • Auto Ultrasonic Non Woven Mop-Cleaning Gloves Machine

    The Auto Ultrasonic Non Woven Mop/Cleaning Gloves Machine Non-woven cloth is made of ultra-fine quality fiber by ultrasonic cutting, because of its soft texture, no scratches, no damage to the surface, but also has strong suction capacity.

  • Auto-Ultrasonic-Pillowslip-Machine

    The Auto Ultrasonic Pillowslip Machine Fully-auto pillowslip making machine, pillowslip will be finished directly.Use PP non-woven material, can produce both flat shape and covering shape pillowslip.Adjustable size

  • Automatic Elastic Plastic Shoes Cover Machine

    PE(CPE) Shoe Cover Machine is a fully automatic disposable shoe cover machine which
    used PE(CPE) as raw material, from feeding to finished product collect all of procedure are
    automatic, high efficiency and low cost. The shoe cover machine products for hospitals, non
    dust industrial operations, food processing plant, is also used as a household cleaning

  • Automatic Ultrasonic dust bag making Machine
  • Automatic Ultrasonic Medical Cap Machine

    The Automatic ultrasonic medical cap machine that is automatic, integrated equipment produce medical doctor cap, which use non-woven (nonwoven) as raw materials; also known as ultrasonic medical cap machine, ultrasonic non-woven medical cap.

  • Ear Elastic band making machine
  • Full automatic Ultrasonic Bouffant Cap Machine

    The Full Automatic Ultrasonic Bouffant Cap Machine For the health requirements, the bouffant cap with high-quality and soft polypropylene non-woven fabrics, does not cause skin irritation, comfortable to wear. Application to the medical department.

  • Leather Punching Machine

    Sheetal Enterprises mechanically leather punching machines(Leather Perforating Machine) is called leather punching machines (leather holes punching machines) for short, mechanically leather punching machine is mechanically punching, which uses bent axle revolving to achieve loop movement, and punching the holes on leather, cloth, paper, foam, thin metal, PVC and other thin films.

  • Ultrasonic Automatic Filter Pad Forming Machine

    Automatic Filter Pad Forming Machine